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Solar heating for Abbots Bromley school

Buderus commercial solar panels on a roof
The picturesque Staffordshire village of Abbots Bromley is home to Abbots Bromley School for Girls.

This is a thriving private boarding and day school for girls, with around 300 students aged between 4 and 18.

It has a reputation for excellence aimed at ensuring every girl achieves her full potential both academically and socially, and offers a curriculum covering a wide range of subjects.

The prestigious school includes some of the finest education and sports facilities in the area, including new science laboratories, dance studios, music rooms, a chapel, Astroturf sports pitch, athletics track, racket sports centre, swimming pool and an equestrian centre.

Buderus Solar installation

The school equally pays particular attention to environmental issues and has recently completed the installation of a new Buderus solar thermal panel system to provide energy efficient heating for its swimming pool complex.

This new system replaces an existing 30-year old solar system which was one of the earliest larger scale, commercial solar panel installations in the country, installed at a time when using solar for power generation was in its commercial infancy.

However the old system had become outdated and inefficient and had suffered panel damage and pipework deterioration over the years.

Providing heat for swimming pool complex

It was recognised that a new, modern solar system was needed to provide the necessary heat for the swimming pool and the hot water needs of associated showers and washbasins.

Swimming is an important area of school activities and the all year round use of pool facilities is vital in maintaining the strength of the school's swimming teams which compete in national events.

Installation requirement

Vale Heating & Plumbing of Pershore specified 32 solar panels in 2 fields, each of 16 panels. They chose Buderus solar panels for their build quality, their high energy yields and because they are designed especially for large-scale commercial applications.

A high performance range of Buderus pump stations and accessories allow for individual fields of between 10 and 50 solar panels to be installed. Multiple fields of panels, and split systems are also possible for bigger commercial installations.

Boiler and Solar communication

Although the solar system in this installation meets the usage pattern of the pool without the support of a separate boiler, a particular feature of the Buderus controls platform is the intelligent solar optimisation function which enables seamless integration with Buderus boilers.

By selecting fully compatible components for both the boiler and solar parts of the system, continuous communication can occur, ensuring that heat generated by the solar collectors is fully utilised, before the boiler is bought into operation.
This significantly improves efficiency and provides additional energy savings of up to 10% by reducing boiler start-ups by 24%.

Flat plate collector installation

The flat plate SKS 4.0 collectors have been installed using the Buderus in-roof mounting system providing an unobtrusive and stylish finish in keeping with the rest of the building.

Each panel is constructed using highly translucent toughened solar safety glass which optimises light capture in cloudy conditions and is hermetically sealed and filled with dry argon to eliminate mist, condensation or corrosion from airborne pollutants.

The panels use a continuous meandering copper pipe to circulate solar fluid through the system. This arrangement helps to eliminate hotspots across the field of panels by providing a more even temperature distribution, which in turn creates fewer pressure losses and reduces the need for ancillary solar pumps.

Installer profile

Installation was carried out by Vale Heating & Plumbing of Pershore. They are a heating, plumbing and solar installation company operating throughout the Midlands providing commercial and domestic heating, bathroom and general plumbing installations.

Vale's Brian Marshall says "We were particularly impressed with the Buderus solar thermal system because it proved to be simple to install as an in roof installation, thanks in part to the quick-fit socket connections that linked each panel without the need for tools."

Abbots Bromley School can now be assured that the swimming pool will maintain a constant temperature and will deliver significant savings in fuel costs and future maintenance. It will also reduce the school's carbon footprint in keeping with the schools declared environmental principals.