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Buderus SB615 boiler
M.W.Kellogg Ltd (MWKL) is a London based client-focused, full service engineering, procurement and construction contractor primarily serving the hydrocarbon market.

Its impressive head office and worldwide operations centre in Greenford, Middlesex employs around 1500 people in a 9 storey high, 178,500 square feet building which requires efficient heating.

Boiler replacement

The existing boilers within the building were suffering from corrosion, and there were signs of leaking. Rather than attempt remedial action, the decision was made to completely replace the failed boilers on the recommendation of Scion.

Following an in-depth assessment of heat demands and system requirements, three Buderus SB 615 640kW stainless steel condensing boilers were chosen to replace the existing system.

Buderus SB range

Scion's Malcolm Bavin advised on the options, "We were keen to specify high quality boilers with reliability and longevity being key factors. The Buderus SB range of stainless steel condensing boilers was highly competitive on capital costs and offered excellent potential for fuel cost savings. We were also very impressed with the Buderus approach to business, especially with regards to technical advice and ongoing support".

The new design incorporates an improved hydraulic layout using a low loss header and individual shunt pumps for each boiler, which replaced the existing large common shunt pump. This arrangement gives simplified control over the flow through the boilers ensuring design conditions are met and significant savings in electrical power consumption.

Energy saving

For MWKL a key requirement for the replacement heating system was to reduce the building's carbon footprint by using a greener, cleaner system. "We wanted the latest in high efficiency to reduce carbon and NOx emissions complaint with the forthcoming Building Regulations upgrade due in 2010" says Les Hill Building Officer for MWKL. "We believe we have made all the right decisions to achieve this goal".

MWKL has applied for an ECA grant for its investment in energy saving equipment. The scheme provides 100% first year capital allowances on investment in energy saving equipment against taxable profits of the period of the investment.

The scheme is open to all businesses that pay UK corporation tax or income tax regardless of size, sector or location. Introduced in 2001 to encourage businesses to invest in low carbon energy saving equipment as part of the Climate Change Levy Programme, the scheme includes the Energy Technology Products List (ETPL) which lists products and technologies for which are eligible for grants.

Fuel efficiency

Buderus SB boilers, as used for this installation, are included on the list and to qualify a boiler must achieve a net efficiency of at least 93%.
In fact the Buderus SB range of stainless steel condensing boilers provide outstanding levels of fuel efficiency of up to 109% (NVC) and, when combined with modulating or two stage burners, also produce very low levels of emissions.

SB boiler range outputs

There are 14 models in the range with outputs from 50 - 1200 kW allowing them to be used in a wide range of projects.

A high water content makes the SB range especially tolerant of large volume heating systems.

Special corrosion resistant stainless steel is used in all parts that come into direct contact with hot flue gases and condensate, while a patented Buderus Kondens+ heat exchanger maximises energy utilisation.

Kondens+ heat exchanger

Kondens+ heat exchangers have a series of precision crimped tubes running through the boiler chamber carrying the flue gas. The crimped surface of the tube creates a micro-turbulence effect on the gas flowing through it, which helps to bring the entire volume of hot flue gases into contact with the colder heat exchanger surfaces, thereby maximising the heat transfer from the gas to the water.

To ensure this process is sustained throughout the heat exchanger the diameter of the crimped tube decreases along its length. This maintains the speed of the flue gases and minimises pressure loss.

This unique Kondens+ technology can increase system efficiency by up to 10%.

Features of the SB boiler range

Aside from its state of the art heat exchanger the SB boiler benefits from several additional features including an optimised combustion chamber, three pass construction, two return connections to separate low and high temperature heating circuits, and a number of noise dampening devices.

All of these combine to improve overall condensing performance, reduce emissions and simplify the specification process.

By investing in modern high quality heating equipment and taking the time to get the specification absolutely right, MWKL can expect to see a significant improvement in fuel efficiency.