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Buderus by the sea

Buderus GE315 Plus boiler
Overlooking the beautiful Constantine Bay near Padstow in Cornwall, stands the impressive Treglos Hotel.

Originally built as 'the house near the church', as Treglos translates, in the late 19th Century, it had become a large manor house by the 1930's and was further extended and improved over the years until converted into a hotel in 1933.

It is now a 42-bedroomed premier leisure hotel with separate self-catering apartments and a host of luxury amenities, including a private golf course.

Guest accommodation and services are of the highest order so it is no surprise that the same quality ethos is adopted for other aspects of the hotel, including its facilities management.

System requirements

Technical Services Surrey (TSS) won the heating contract and following a detailed energy survey carried out by government agency Resolve it was clear that to obtain better fuel efficiency, the hotel's 20-year old oil fired boiler needed replacing with a completely new energy efficient system combining solar panels with a modern high efficiency boiler.

Following further technical assessment of the heating needs of the hotel, and accounting for the seasonal patterns of usage, and the age of existing radiators and pipework the Buderus technical team working in partnership with TSS recommended two low-NOx GE315 140kW cast iron boilers to take care of the heating and 20 solar panels for hot water provision.

Controls solution

A key feature of the new heating system was the comprehensive Buderus SC40 controls package that provided an integrated solution to maximise the operating efficiency of both the solar panels and boilers.

The digital controls also provide a visual animated graphic display of different areas of the system so that daily outputs from the solar collectors and the subsequent energy usage can be continually monitored.

Fuel savings

Current estimates of fuel savings are around 33% and these were assessed before the recent increases in fuel prices.

In the UK levels of solar irradiation are generally highest in the south west.

Buderus flat plate solar collectors use ultra-sensitive daylight absorption technology and a special highly-translucent solar safety glass that maximises the amount of solar energy absorbed even in cloudy conditions.

The panels fitted at the Treglos hotel are expected to meet the domestic hot water needs of the hotel even outside the main May to September period where solar gain would be generally higher.

GE315 Boiler

As well as being considerably more efficient, the new Buderus GE315 boilers meeting the space heating requirements are also much more compact than the previous ones.

This allows them to be easily transported, assembled and installed on site, each boiler fitting comfortably within the footprint of the existing boiler room, with enough room left over to provide the hotel with additional storage space.

They have also been specified to provide greater capacity than needed as the separate apartments and the complex's swimming pool are scheduled to be added to the hotel heating and hot water system in the near future.

Operating efficiency

The boilers have a net operating efficiency of 96% compared to the previous system which ran at around 70%. Fuel savings will therefore be substantial and even greater with domestic hot water requirements predominantly being met by the solar panels.

The GE315 is part of the modern, Buderus high efficiency cast iron boiler range and is particularly well suited in straight replacements of older commercial heating systems where the existing radiators and pipework are still to be utilised.

Built using Buderus corrosion resistant GL180M cast iron GE boilers are an especially cost effective and durable option for installations where high flow rates demand low resistance across the heat exchanger.

Buderus cast iron boilers meet current legislation under Building Regulations Part L in their own right, achieving efficiency levels above the required 84% seasonal efficiency for new, single boiler installations.

Buderus cast iron boilers

Buderus' reputation as a worldwide leader in cast iron products is not surprising. With over 275 years experience in the European heating market their expertise in this area is vast.

Today their innovative and robust cast iron boilers are precisely engineered to offer a modern, highly efficient heating solution and a sound investment.

Even in the long established cast iron sector Buderus continue to innovate. For example, all GE boilers feature patented 'Thermostream' heat exchanger technology to prolong the life of the boiler and reduce annual maintenance costs.

Thermostream technology

'Thermostream' boiler protection helps to overcome the problems of condensate build up and the resulting thermal stresses that can occur, by partially mixing the cold return water with the warmer water that is already flowing through the heat exchanger.

This increases the temperature of the return water before it comes into contact with the combustion chamber and produces an even temperature distribution in the boiler, eliminating the possibility of cracking within the heat cell.

The GE's three-pass principle of combustion maximises efficiency and is a prerequisite for achieving low CO2 and NOx emissions.

All Buderus cast iron boilers are supplied in unassembled sections to assist transportation and installation in otherwise difficult and confined spaces. Front access, via a hinged burner door, makes servicing and maintenance straightforward.

The finished installation

Chris Ickemeyer of Technical Services Surrey is impressed with the finished installation and also by the organisation behind Buderus "Buderus specified the pipework and hydraulics required and made sure everything was there just when it was needed, ensuring a smooth running assembly and se-up procedure.

“This was very important as we only had a three week window whilst the hotel was closed to complete the installation and test it out thoroughly" says Chris.

"The control panel in particular is among the best I have worked on and comes as a complete pre-programmed unit. As the installation contractors, we were delighted with the system and the hotel owners are equally pleased.

“A big thank you to Buderus and indeed to our own team who worked so well together, even in the cold harsh conditions to get the job done properly and on time"