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Energy Management System controls launched

Buderus RC35 controller open
Buderus are probably best known across Europe for their robust, fuel efficient boiler systems, but their prowess in developing and manufacturing commercial heating controls is equally impressive.

The latest addition to their long line of modular control systems is the new RC35 digital controller.

The RC35 operates using the EMS (Energy Management System) platform so is fully compatible with the wall hung GB162 and floor standing GB312 commercial boiler ranges.

RC35 Installation

The new RC35 is designed for use with single boilers and can be sited as a room controller or simply clipped directly into the spare slot on the boiler fascia.

It can also be combined with the Buderus RC20 room temperature controller to create a number of controlled zones.

The Buderus RC35 is a sophisticated control offering comprehensive functionality for all major areas of a commercial heating system.

A backlit digital full-text display means that there is no need for interpretation of complex diagnostic codes and also gives an easy view set up sequence for quick and simple installation.

Safety and time–saving features

A number of safety and time-saving features have been pre-programmed into the RC35 to help installers, engineers and end users.

For example, the control features and anti-legionella function with a built in thermal disinfection programme which raises the system temperature once a week to 70oC at which temperature the legionella bacteria does not survive.

There is also an innovative screed-drying programme which can easily be set by the building contractor or installer. This accelerates drying by gradually increasing system flow temperatures through the underfloor heating to optimise screed drying time whilst avoiding cracking - allowing site work to restart earlier.

To further increase system reliability and longevity an anti-seizure programme cycles the pumps and mixing valves at pre-defined intervals to ensure they continue to operate efficiently at all times.

RC35 Functionality

The RC35 is a highly flexible control system which at its most basic controls is a single unmixed heating circuit with DHW control.

However the functionality can be considerably extended with several other Buderus modules to increase system options. Each module is wired into the colour-coded connection on the tray beneath the GB162 or within the GB312 boiler.

The WM10 low loss header module for instance controls one unmixed heating circuit and regulates temperature in the low loss header to maximise heating system efficiency.

All modules communicate together

The Buderus MM10 module allows and additional three mixed circuits to be controlled and the SM10 solar circuit module fully controls a solar thermal system for preparation of DHW, and ensures that the boiler only fires when solar heated water is unavailable.

The mixed circuits are especially applicable for additional underfloor heating or for zoning of a heating system.

All modules work in harmony with one another interacting and communicating to modulate flow temperature and maintain the highest efficiency levels.

Weather compensation functions

The RC35 also has a number of weather compensation functions that account for changes in outside temperature and can be individually programmed for each different heating circuit.

This is especially useful as it allows temperatures to be altered at different times of the year and in different zones of the building in order to get the highest efficiency from the condensing process.

Energy Efficiency

As fuel prices continue to rise and with the reduction of carbon emissions a key goal of government, controls can make a substantial difference for energy efficiency, helping to reduce fuel bills and carbon footprints.

There are many commercial building which are still running their heating and hot water using old and outdated systems which could benefit greatly from a modern heating system complete with the latest controls packages.

Buderus have the complete system solution whatever the size of the installation and with the new RC35, advanced controls needn't be complicated.