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Greenbank School

Buderus GE315 boiler
Under a partnership agreement with Cheshire County Council, MITIE Engineering Services (North) Ltd., working closely with Buderus, have recently completed a boiler replacement at Greenbank School in Northwich.

Boiler specification

As part of a wider refurbishment project, three Buderus GE315 200kW cast iron boilers replaced the existing 20-year old boilers.

The new, high efficiency boilers utilise the existing radiators and pipework to meet the heating needs of the whole school and the associated accommodation blocks for the residential students at the school.

Buderus cast iron boilers were chosen in preference to a condensing boiler system as the existing installation has a high water volume with high flow and return temperatures to meet the heavy ongoing regular demand pattern.

In these circumstances a condensing boiler would not have operated in condensing mode for sufficient periods to make it an economical or efficient option.

The Buderus GE315 cast iron boiler is an especially good choice for replacements of high water content and high flow/return temperature systems.

Buderus cast iron boiler efficiency

Thanks to modern casting technology Buderus cast iron boilers have a net operating efficiency of up to 96% which will ensure substantial cost savings in comparison with the many out-dated and obsolete heating systems that still populate many UK schools and institutions.

They are built using Buderus corrosion resistant GL180M cast iron and are an especially cost effective and durable option for installations where high flow rates demand low resistance across the heat exchanger.

Buderus cast iron boilers exceed current legislation under Building Regulations Part L in their own right, achieving efficiency levels above the required 84% seasonal efficiency for new, single boiler installations.

Combine them with an intelligent controls system, and even greater energy savings are possible.

Buderus quality

Buderus have an enviable reputation across Europe for high quality, precision engineered innovative and robust cast iron boilers.

The full range of commercial boilers includes fully condensing stainless steel and cast aluminium appliances with outputs from 43kW to 19,200kW, so there is a fuel-efficient product suited to virtually any type of installation.

Thermostream technology

The Buderus GE boilers feature patented 'Thermostream' heat exchanger technology to prolong the life of the boiler and reduce annual maintenance costs.

Thermostream boiler protection helps to overcome the problems of condensation building up in cast iron and the resulting thermal stresses that can occur, by automatically mixing the cold return water with the warmer water that is already flowing through the heat exchanger.

This increases the temperature of the return water before it comes into contact with the combustion chamber and produces an even temperature distribution throughout the boiler, eliminating the possibility of cracking within the heat cell.

Effectively this means there is no need to control the return temperature and so you do not need to install a shunt pump circuit. With this in-built protection the longevity of the boiler is improved, and ongoing service and maintenance costs reduced.

Low CO2 and NOx emissions

The GE315 also employs a three pass principle of combustion to maximise efficiency and achieve low CO2 and NOx emissions.

Buderus cast iron boilers are supplied in unassembled sections to assist transportation and installation in otherwise difficult and confined spaces.

Front access via a hinged burner door makes servicing and maintenance straight forward.

Greenbank School project

Greenbank School is one of 15 recently completed projects which form a partnership agreement between Cheshire County Council, Mitie Engineering and Buderus together with consultant Paul Moy Associates of Liverpool.

Projects range from schools to council offices and involve the Buderus cast iron GE range as well as new wall mounted GB162 boilers used in a linked multi-boiler cascade system.

The Buderus range was chosen by Mitie following an extensive selection process where Buderus's product range and technical support services were key factors in their selection.

Greenbank School was built around 35 years ago and today it caters for children with moderate and severe learning difficulties and autism. There are 96 children under tuition aged from 11 to 18 some of whom are residential pupils.

Now their heating requirements will be catered for to the same high standards as their learning needs.