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Buderus GB162 Cascade boiler
Snowdonia National Park is one of Wales' best loved visitor attractions covering 823m2. At the heart of the park is the Grade II Listed visitor centre and residential study facility, Plas Tan y Bwlch, which is set in well established gardens and home to a unique collection of rare plants.

The residential centre is open to the public and offers a variety of courses on environmental management, and has recently completed an upgrade of its heating system with a three boiler cascade system from Buderus.

Low carbon boiler replacement

With a remit for continually reducing the carbon footprint of the building, the Park Authority worked with local heating and plumbing contractors W&K Davies on the most environmental low NOx, low carbon solution for the replacement of the existing large boilers which were old and very inefficient, being a simple on/off system.

They chose a Buderus linked multi-boiler cascade system of three GB162 65kW condensing boilers.

The GB162 is a highly versatile boiler and is designed with cascade systems in mind. It modulates down to just 15.6kW (19kW for its larger 80kW and 100kW models) for excellent operating efficiency levels of up to 110% (NVC).

GB162 installation

It is especially installation friendly with built-in carrying handles, front access components, and a lift weight of only 70kg, so whether it is installed as a single boiler, or as part of a cascade, fitting time and costs are minimised.

Once the installer has constructed the simple freestanding cascade framework and hung the boilers, all that remains is to connect the boilers to the main heating system.

The connection kits and optional fully insulated pump groups, together with temperature and pressure gauges and a low-loss header, are supplied with all the necessary fittings and accessories for a reliable connection to the main flow, return and gas pipework.

Cascade system

The cascade system allows a more flexible, cost effective and space saving approach to a single large boiler as individual boilers come into and out of operation as heat demand changes.

In the summer months for instance only part of the system needs to operate and each boiler can automatically modulate to enable the boiler to operate in condensing mode for as long as possible, thereby maximising efficiency.

Providing a compact and efficient solution

Wyn Davies of W&K Davies Plumbing and Heating says the Buderus GB162 cascade system provides a compact and efficient solution:

"The old boilers were oversized and inefficient especially compared to the modern boilers of today" he says "The GB162's are much more flexible and responsive to variable demand patterns which allowed us to zone the heating requirements at Snowdonia Centre. They are very compact which makes them simple to install and are also easy to service."

As an established installer of Worcester Bosch domestic boilers, Wyn was pleased to recommend the larger output boilers from sister company Buderus:

"We also found the Buderus after sales service to be first rate" adds Wyn.

"The boiler replacement is part of an ongoing programme to improve operational requirements at the centre.

Snowdonia improvement programme

“Bringing the heating and hot water provision up to current standards is one part of the improvement programme which has now been successfully completed" says Snowdonia National Park Authority's Property Manager Peter Trumper.

"Despite being a late 17th / early 18th Century building, we can now provide the latest, most efficient and versatile heating system for the comfort of residential course attendees and other day to day activities. With the varied pattern of usage it was very important to be able to provide heat only to the parts of the centre actually being used at any time in order to minimise heating costs and carbon emissions, and speed of heat up is now superb."

The Snowdonia National Park Centre now has a modern, highly efficient heating and hot water system which upholds the authority's environmental ethos as well as providing an easy to operate system.