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Prestigious project at St Johns College Oxford

Buderus GB162 Cascade boiler
Buderus have recently completed a prestigious project for St Johns College Oxford.

One of the colleges that make up the world renowned Oxford University, widely regarded for its academic excellence, also has an equally impressive sporting heritage.

In addition to its long history of rowing prowess which is fully demonstrated at the annual Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race, Oxford University also offers a diverse range of other sports, from cricket to croquet and football to netball.

St Johns picturesque Woodstock Road Sports Ground has recently been enhanced by the expansion of its attractive Victorian Sports Pavilion.

Buderus cascade system and Solar panels

A Buderus 2-boiler cascade system, plus an integrated solar panel installation now meets the heating and hot water requirement for the pavilion following a complete upgrade and replacement of the previous aging system.

With sustainability a key consideration for the new installation, a high efficiency system combining solar panels and the latest energy saving boilers minimises the carbon footprint of the building.

Installation specialists

Called in by the College Clerk of Works to carry out the necessary upgrade, Oxford based M&E specialists GF Cross & Sons recommended the Buderus 2-boiler cascade system together with Buderus solar panels:

"We are very pleased to be invited to carry out this work for the sports pavilion" says Bob Cross of GF Cross "Because of the prestigious nature of the work, we wanted nothing but the best, and chose Buderus for their efficiency, reliability and ease of installation - and they have certainly lived up to expectations".

The company is long established in Oxfordshire, employing 20 people and has an excellent reputation for the high technical standards of its installations. It regularly carries out work for the colleges of the university and is a frequent specifier of Buderus heating systems.

Buderus GB162 boilers

The two 65kW Buderus GB162 boilers operate as a linked cascade system which provides great flexibility and high efficiency.

The boilers provide the heating and supplement the domestic hot water requirement as necessary through a Buderus 4000 series intelligent control system which works in conjunction with the solar system.

The Buderus GB162 is a compact wall hung condensing boiler which can be installed individually or as part of a multi-boiler system of up to 8-boilers arranged either in line or back to back.

Boiler efficiency

It is highly efficient, modulating down to just 15kW, and is lightweight, simplifying site handling installation.

The innovative cascade design saves on fitting time and costs. The boiler connection kit is supplied with all the necessary fittings and accessories so the installer simply builds the main framework and joins everything together before fitting the boiler and connecting to the main heating system.

Control options are extensive and take full advantage of Buderus's inbuilt Energy Management System ensuring consistent and smooth operation and helping to maximise energy efficiency and minimise carbon emissions.

Solar collectors

The Buderus solar flat plate solar collectors use ultra-sensitive daylight absorption technology with a highly translucent solar safety glass that maximises the amount of solar energy absorbed even in cloudy conditions.

Up to collectors can be installed in a single field with multiple fields possible should demand require it. In particular the Buderus controls platform includes an intelligent solar optimisation function which enables seamless integration between the Buderus solar connectors and Buderus boilers. This is essential to maximise the heat generated by the solar collector field.

Buderus SKS connectors are hermetically sealed and filled with dry argon to eliminate mist, condensation or corrosion from airborne pollutants.

The heating and hot water installation at St Johns Pavilion has been designed to provide a totally integrated system to meet the new needs of the extended pavilion. This now includes new changing facilities and an impressive post-match socialising area.


To celebrate the completion of the work at the sports pavilion, St John's College organised an afternoon cricket match between St Johns College Staff Cricket X1 and a contractors team.

A delighted contractors team proved their prowess extended beyond building and heating matters into the gentle art of cricketing skills by winning the match. And afterwards, as they say, a good time was had by all celebrating the win in the newly upgraded pavilion facilities.