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GE boilers

Buderus GE315 boiler
Buderus GE315 boiler
These hydraulic schematics are examples of Buderus approved hydraulic designs, created using Buderus’ own design software.


  • LLH – Low loss header.
  • HC – Unmixed heating circuit.
  • DHW – Domestic hot water.
  • MHC – Mixed heating circuit.
  • BMS – Building management system.

GE boiler - any output

Heating system  File type   
1 x GE boiler + 2 x LLH, 1 HC and 3 x MHC JPEG Download (JPG 0.1 MB)
1 x GE boiler + 2 x LLH and BMS controlling all HC JPEG Download (JPG 0.1 MB)
GE any output x2, 1HC, 3MHCs, DHW JPEG Download (JPG 0.1 MB)
3x GE Boilers, LLH, 1HC, 1MHC, 1DHW JPEG Download (JPG 0.0 MB)
3x GE Boilers, LLH, BMS (enabled) via FM458 JPEG Download (JPG 0.0 MB)
3x GE Boilers, LLH, BMS (sequencing) via 3x ZM427 JPEG Download (JPG 0.0 MB)
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