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Downloads Wiring schematic diagrams RC35 Control schematics

RC35 Control schematics

  • The key explains what each number represents in the document title of the table -


  • Master controller.
  • Number of boilers used.
  • Domestic hot water used - 0=no. 1=yes.
  • Number of un-mixed heating circuits.
  • Number of mixed heating circuits.


  • RC35-1-0-1-1
  • RC35 = Master Controller.
  • 1 = Number of boilers used.
  • 0 = Domestic hot water is not used.
  • 1 = Number of un-mixed heating circuits.
  • 1 = Number of mixed heating circuits.

Schematic  File type   
RC35-1-0-1-1 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
RC35-1-1-0-1 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
RC35-1-1-1-0 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
RC35-1-1-1-1 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
RC35-1-1-1-1+ solar PDF Download (PDF 0.6 MB)
RC35-1-1-1-2 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
RC35-1-1-1-2+ RC25 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
RC35-1-1-1-3 PDF Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
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