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Buderus Products Solar heating Multiple siting possibilities

Multiple siting possibilities

Collectors can be combined in a variety of configurations to suit the largest of installations, either fitted on the roof, in the roof, or mounted on specially angled frames where flat roof or wall-mounting options are required.
Buderus solar panels on a flat roof
Flat roof installation

All collectors are available in either landscape or portrait orientation to maximise available roof space.

The optimum direction for positioning solar panels is south facing, at a pitch of between 20-60 degrees above the existing roof.
Buderus solar panels on the fascia of a building
Fascia installation

Consideration needs to be given to position of overhanging trees, shady areas, chimney stacks and the general size and shape of the roof.
Buderus solar panels on-roof installation
On roof installation

The overall size of the system will depend on whether the system is only providing hot water, or hot water and space heating support.