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Buderus Products Solar heating Thermal store and filling pump

Thermal store and filling pump


The vertical feed tube within the thermal store contains many outlets.

Heated water entering the thermal store rises up the special tube until surrounded by water of an equal buoyancy, whereupon the water flows through the nearest outlet into the main body of stored water.

Using this natural phenomenon helps to reduce turbulence and convection in the store and keeps the various layers of heat stratified.

80mm (or 120mm) insulation prevents heat transfer from the stored water to external surroundings, so the stored water remains hot.

naturally stratifying the thermal store saves energy and optimises running costs.

Buderus has three stratified, highly efficient thermal stores in the PR range: 500, 750 and 1000 litres.

These can be used individually or joined together for very large systems.

All are available with 80mm thermal insulation as standard to keep the heat where it should be.

120mm thick insulation is also available resulting in extremely low standby losses.
Buderus BS01 filling pump
BS01 filling pump

This portable unit is simply attached to the solar pumping station. Not only does it fill the solar circuit with the solar fluid, it can also be used to cleanse the pipework and thoroughly flush out any debris prior to commissioning.

For smaller installations the air separator in the pump station prevents the need for any automatic air vents in the collector field.

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