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Buderus Products Solar heating Why choose Buderus solar?

Why choose Buderus solar?

Bright sun in a blue sky with clouds
Although solar is a relatively new technology, Buderus already has over 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing their own collectors, accessories and controls for the European market.

Solar products

Our solar products are fully compatible with our extensive range of condensing boilers and together they offer an advanced, highly efficient energy management solution for practically any size of installation, from industrial sized projects, office blocks and hospitals to schools, hotels and smaller residential schemes.

But don’t worry if you have an existing project to upgrade with solar... our products will also integrate easily with existing heating systems.

Why Solar? Why now?

Solar is one of the fastest growing ‘renewable’ technologies, and when you compare the amount of solar energy available during the year, with the remaining fossil fuel reserves the earth has to offer, it is easy to see why the uptake of solar thermal systems has been so rapid.

Following the initial investment solar is effectively a continuous source of free energy that can be put to use to provide hot water and space heating.

Flat plate or evacuated tube?

Evacuated glass tube is a more effective insulator that the insulating material used to cover a flat plate collector. Therefore, evacuated tube collectors are more efficient, particularly in cold conditions when there is a high thermal gradient between the solar collector and the outside air.

The higher efficiency of evacuated tube collectors means they are able to extract more heat under lower light conditions so they are more likely to maintain their efficiency where there is considerable variation in the available solar energy.

However, while evacuated tube collectors are technically more efficient, their structure results in a lower absorption area per square metre of panel than with flat plate collectors. This is a key consideration when the space available for panels is available.

Returns on investment

With energy prices set to rise even further, and with government incentives driving the renewables sector, adopting solar provides the opportunity for immediate returns on investment, and demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

Installing solar is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. A collector area of just 6m2 prevents the release of approx. 1000kg of CO2 each year.